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Gundi Consulting Pty Ltd. ACN 620562165 , is an Incorporated Legal Practice in Western Australia which is majority owned by an Aboriginal ( Noongar) shareholder Oral Steven McGuire. Gundi Consulting Pty Ltd is most likely to be the first Aboriginal Incorporated Legal Entity in Western Australia. Oral is also the Managing Director of Gundi Consulting Pty Ltd.

The other directors are Tim Galic who is the Legal Practitioner Director with more than 25 years of legal services across many areas of law such as commercial law, dispute resolution , family law and criminal law in Australia. Tim’s philosophy is that justice should be achieved at the most affordable cost, time and value from the client’s perspective.

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All our services are based on our philosophy that value is demand driven. It is our customer’s needs and aspirations that determine our response to deliver the perceived value from our client’s perspective.


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