resolve disputes on time to avoid litigation costs

Dispute Resolution

A Proative approach

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Gundi Consulting believes that there is more value in proactively identifying potential disputes before they degenerate into legalistic pursuits as this would normally saves time and helps keep strategic relationships healthy.

Keep Strategic relationships healthy

We have Experience

Local & International Disputes

Our team focuses on both local and international disputes and we will regularly advise on investment disputes at the pre-trial, trial and post trial stages. Gundi Consulting Pty Ltd has a keen focus on any investment disputes that may arise between the wider African continent and the rest of the world.

Dispute Negotiation

In litigation (taking a matter to Court), there are different processes that occur, these range from negotiation before litigation to a trial based resolution). In order for litigation to end, a matter/case must either have been:

1. Negotiated and settled; or
2. Heard before a Court and a final (order) judgement is made.

Not each and every dispute end up in Court. Litigation can be highly disruptive, stressful and expensive. We have extensive experience in negotiation, mediation and arbitration to resolve matters. In our approach, we are proactive and we work together with you to provide advice that will minimise your costs and exposure to risk. We have the legal knowledge, necessary experience and industry insight to handle and litigate even the largest and most complex dispute.

Our Team Focus

“Liberty is the right to do what the law permits.”