Among the first Aboriginal Incorporated Legal Entities in Western Australia

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about gundi

Gundi Consulting Pty Ltd. ACN 620562165 , is an Incorporated Legal Practice in Western Australia which is majority owned by an Aboriginal ( Noongar) shareholder Oral Steven McGuire. Gundi Consulting Pty Ltd is most likely to be the first Aboriginal Incorporated Legal Entity in Western Australia. Oral is also the Managing Director of Gundi Consulting Pty Ltd.

The other directors are Tim Galic who is the Legal Practitioner Director with more than 25 years of legal services across many areas of law such as commercial law, dispute resolution , family law and criminal law in Australia. Tim’s philosophy is that justice should be achieved at the most affordable cost, time and value from the client’s perspective.

Langton Chirinda, who is an admitted lawyer with the Supreme Court of Western Australia , is the Director -Business Development. Langton also holds an MBA from Edith Cowan University, Western Australia and a Juris Doctor ( Law) degree from Bond University Queensland , Australia. He also holds a Cert IV in Project Management; a Diploma in Property Services ( real estate) and an Intermediate Diploma of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators ( Zimbabwe).

Langton’s philosophy is that value must always be demand driven, not supply driven! Therefore, the value expected to be delivered by Gundi Consulting Pty Ltd has nothing to do about its credentials as a business and as a team- it is about our ability to respond to the needs and aspirations of our clients. It is our clients, not us as Gundi Consulting Pty Ltd, who should determine the value delivered and their satisfaction or otherwise thereof.


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“justice should be achieved at the most affordable cost, time and value from the client's perspective. "

Tim Galic: Legal Practitioner/Director – Gundi Consulting

Our Clients come first


Based on our demand-driven value mindset, Gundi Consulting Pty Ltd, does not charge its services on a billable hour basis or based on the experience of the team member delivering the service. We believe that our clients should never have to pay for the flashy offices and the seniority of the lawyers/ consultants which have nothing to do with their current needs and aspirations related to their issue at hand!


communication is key

personal service

A part of the bigger picture

Gundi Consulting Pty Ltd also believes that legal advisory services should be provided from a bigger picture perspective – not in isolation of the client’s risk appetite and businesses /personal goals per time! We believe that legal advisory services does not sit in isolation but it is rather one piece in a bigger puzzle of a client’s business/personal strategy to grow into the future.

get to know each other

This is based on our philosophy that value is demand driven, so we will want to get to know what you're seeking.

understanding your perspective of value

Our service is determined by how we would have understood the value that our client is seeking.

determining your value proposition

The value proposition is in response to what our customers are demanding. Not solely because of what we can supply.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

We have a wholistic approach to value and we understand all the components that constitute value to our customers across all their needs and impacts this might have upon their businesses or personal lives. 

what do you need?

We believe in
the value of time

Our solution is based on the timing that is best demanded by our customers in order for them to make quick strategic decisions. 

aboriginal consultancy services

Gundi Consulting aims to create the bridge to meaningfully engage Aboriginal communities .

Corporate Advisory Services

We advise on investments into Australia and we have a keen interest on intra-African and external investments


Gundi Consulting believes that there is more value in proactively identifying potential disputes before they degenerate into legalistic pursuits

Industrials & Infrastructure

Our major focus will be on mining and resources industries, Energy , Civil Engineering, Automotive industry and Telecoms and pharmaceutical industries
Be strong and courageous.
Gundi Consulting Motto

our team of experts are here for you

Gundi Consulting operates on a project based philosophy in which we assemble all the critical skills necessary to deliver that our customer is demanding per time. 

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

We offer wholistic advisory services and legal services are only one aspect in the bigger picture of the value demanded by our customers. 

Our fee structure is not determined by billable hours, but rather discussed with our clients to determine the value that is been delivered per time.

You will be fully informed of what will happen, the implications and when things will happen and will be regularly informed of the process or issues involved according to their needs and preferences. 

Yes. We believe that justice should be accorded to those who may not be able to afford legal advisory services. This is assessed on a per-client basis. 

Yes. We are available 24/7 via email and our mobile. Please refer to our Contact Us page. 

Yes. This is why we are here – we are here to guide you in areas that look complex with expert knowledge and skills and advice to assess the level or risk that you might be exposed to and advise you accordingly.

Yes. We are always looking for new skill sets and to build the team continuously based on our attitude that value is demand driver in response to our client’s needs and aspirations we will change over time. 

The best solution is never predetermined. It depends on what we find out during our first conversation with you.