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3D Additive Manufacturing Training and Industrialization Consulting Across Africa & Australia:

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  1. Gundi Consulting believes in the power of 3D Additive Manufacturing to transform economies and societies , particularly those in developing countries and Indigenous minorities.
  2. The fact that 3D Additive Manufacturing uses  locally extracted mineral resources such as gold, tantalum , tungsten , copper , tin , bronze alloy, platinum , diamonds and many other minerals abundant in developing economies and societies is the reason why Gundi Consulting decided to champion the rapid training; adoption and implementation of 3D AM across Africa and Australia.
  3. Gundi Consulting’s key focus is carrying out feasibility studies and consulting to promote the building of 3D Additive Manufacturing centres of excellence across Africa and Indigenous Australian communities.
  4. The rapid adoption, training and implementation of 3D Additive Manufacturing across developing countries in Africa and Indigenous communities across Australia will leapfrog these communities into the 4th Industrial Revolution and thus make these communities take positive control of their development.
  5. The United Nations Industrial Development Organization ( UNIDO ) recently identified 3D Additive Manufacturing as one of the ‘Frontier Technologies’  which can allow developing countries and societies to leapfrog into the 4thIndustrial Revolution for raising the quality of lives of their societies. Gundi Consulting would like to be at the forefront of the rapid adoption, training and implementation of this new manufacturing revolution across Africa and indigenous Australia communities .


To achieve the rapid adoption , training and implementation of 3D Additive Manufacturing across Africa and Indigenous Australian communities , Gundi Consulting has signed a licenced agreement with a world leading 3D Additive Manufacturing consulting firm based in the USA – The Barnes Global Advisors: . Please register for our 6 months online 3D training via this website and use Gundi Consulting code   GUNDI50OFF as you register in order to get a discount.

Gundi Consulting: Provision of Aboriginal Engagement Consulting Services across Projects in Australia:


Gundi Consulting provides an end to end Aboriginal consulting service across any projects which need value addition from engaging Aboriginal innovation , cultural input in design and community development and Aboriginal art as well as providing meaningful ‘ Welcome to Country’  services for your events in Australia.


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